2019 Wilberforce Symposium

The Future of Faith: Finding Your Place in the Church in the 21st Century

Saturday, April 6th • UNC-CHapel Hill

This spring we are excited to introduce what we hope will become an annual event at UNC: a symposium devoted to a single question of vital importance to the body of Christ, explored through lectures, interviews, and group conversations. This year’s question: “What is the future of the Christian faith in America?”

At this moment, when America’s religious demographics are rapidly in flux and there is a great deal of consternation about the meaning of the word ‘evangelical’, we hope that this symposium will provide insight, clarity and a hopeful vision for students, alumni, faculty and community members alike.

This year’s speakers, panelists and interviewers include Peter Greer (CEO of Hope International), Tish Harrison Warren (Christianity Today book award winner and minister), Molly Worthen (UNC faculty member and NYT op-ed writer), and more TBA soon.

"I love what the Wilberforce Conference demonstrates to our community...that we’re here, we’re present, and we want to be engaged with the world."

— Mariah Harrelson ('19)