Wilberforce Expansion

Also, we are excited to announce an expansion of Wilberforce programming. We will be rolling out new Wilberforce-related programming aimed at integrating questions of meaning with the practical demands of society and our daily lives.

Right now, NC Study Center staff is planning two Wilberforce-related programs:


Wilberforce Civic Engagement Summers

This project aims to send a cohort of students to an underprivileged community to engage in a combination of business development, city planning, and community immersion. We are piloting one cohort during the summer of 2018, and hope to launch more in 2019.

Wilberforce Symposium 2019

We are looking forward dedicating a Saturday next spring (April 6, 2019)  to pondering discussion questions with a combination of faculty, outside speakers, and community participants (alumni, students, parents, and local leaders). We think that our particular topic for next year is pressing: what is the future of the church in America? More details on location and speaker lineup will be announced soon!