Is there a deadline to register?

Yes! Please register for the conference by 12:15 pm on Thursday, November 1st. Online registration will close at that time.

Day-of registration will be made available in the Union Auditorium Lobby on Friday, November 2nd, BUT we highly encourage you to register beforehand.

Who is able to attend?

The conference is intended primarily for UNC faculty, staff, alumni, graduate students and undergraduate students as well as community members. 

If you have questions, please email

Can I come and go throughout the day?

Yes! Students especially are invited to attend around their Friday classes. The Student Union was selected as the location in part to make it easy for students to come and go. Attendees are welcome to jump in when they can and are of course welcome to attend the dinner even if they are only able to attend a couple sessions. 

If you have a related question, please email 

Can I check-in at any point?

Yes! We ask all conference participants to check-in upon arriving at the Student Union to pick up the conference pamphlet and their name tags. Although we encourage attendees to check-in between 11:30am - 12:15pm, if you are unable to arrive before the conference begins at 12:15pm, you will still be able to check-in anytime between 12:15pm and 5pm in the Union Auditorium Lobby.

What should I wear?

Many people wear smart casual, but please come as you are!