Breakout Panel Sessions

Job Well Done:
Pursuing Excellence at Work

When a job is just a job, it is just a means to income. But, whether we know it or not, no job is just a job.

Thinking more ambitiously about work leads us to explore the internal and external aspects of vocation (or calling), the ends that an occupation accomplishes in the broader world as well as the ways that our jobs shape who we become. On the 'Job Well Done: Pursuing Excellence at Work' panel, alumni from the fields of medicine, education, and business will discuss the ends or goals of their professional pursuits and the character traits that have been essential to their pursuit of these goals. Together, we will seek to understand the daily habits that form the character necessary to become excellent in one's field.  Additionally, the panelists will reflect on how their faith has both contributed to their pursuit of excellence in their work and sometimes led them to challenge the predominant values and perhaps ways groups think in their fields.

What's Your Narrative:
Creativity, Truthfulness and Storytelling

Human beings inherently process their lives through the lens of stories.  Whether it be reading and making sense of the news, preparing a compelling presentation for work,  or recounting your day to your spouse, story, or narrative, is the default genre we turn to.

This panel features guests from three different vocations that all involve storytelling: video production, print media and ethnography.  Together, these panelists will explore how they balance creativity with the responsibility to be truthful in using their medium to tell stories.

Designing Your Life Workshop

A recent Forbes article defines Design Thinking as “a process -- applicable to all walks of life -- of creating new and innovative ideas and solving problems.”  In the past twenty years, Design Thinking has become a major force reshaping our leading universities, Fortune 500 companies and other major cultural institutions.

Our lives are also filled with “problems,” or difficult questions that are daunting to answer: What should I do with my career?  What does ‘the good life’ really look like? How can I make decisions that are wise and that will lead to flourishing?

This workshop will introduce you to the principles of Design Thinking, put them into conversation with the Christian tradition, and enable you to begin the process of ‘Designing Your Life.’

All-Conference Panel

Keep Calm and Carry On:
Flourishing in the Midst of Crisis

Some people, it seems, are wired for crises; others simply find themselves in difficult situations with great frequency. Indeed, Christ's words, "In this world, you will have trouble," could be said about any of us, as conflicting demands, unforeseen dilemmas, and unprecedented questions seem to arise with stunning unpredictability.

Featuring panelists from the fields of business/healthcare, law and higher education, and moderated by UNC Professor Valerie Fields, this panel will draw from the experiences of several leaders who have accepted great responsibility despite the guarantee of difficulties. What habits of character and mind allow have aided them in making crucial decisions? Where have they found help and unexpected solutions? And what resources and sources of confidence have aided them as they have lived out their vocations in difficult situations where few find themselves? By hearing from those who have lived under great pressure, this panel will explore how to eat, sleep, and flourish in the midst of the crises we all share.